Let It Be

A common statement I hear from skeptics of all things “psychic” goes something like this, “I’m a realist, I believe in things I can actually see.” While I am never in the business of convincing, cajoling or arguing with anybody in these matters, I do often offer a response in hopes that it be food for thought. Perhaps a way to plant a seed that might lie dormant for now, but eventually sprout with the beginnings of a new expanded view of life.

Typically, my response is as follows: Can you see electricity, love or thoughts? We see and witness the effects of these things, but not the thing itself. The laws that govern electricity existed long before we recognized the capability. It was our level of understanding and awareness that had to catch up with the discovery of what was waiting there for us to harness. Every day we interact confidently and assuredly with things we can’t see.

If someone told us we don’t have thoughts because they can’t be seen or measured, we would simply laugh. Often, we might wish we didn’t have thoughts because they can drive us nuts with their compulsion and persistence! The unseen world is just as real, or more real, than the tangible physical world. In fact, one of our greatest scientific minds of all time, Albert Einstein would argue it is the physical world that is the illusion.

He knew that science was proving everything was energy. Even objects which appear to be solid are simply vibrating particles of energy. The whole idea of matter is in fact an illusion. The truth is quantum physics has proven what the mystics of all traditions have been saying for thousands of years. All that being said, as I stated earlier, you can’t convince anybody of anything that they are not ready to accept.

Often people have certain beliefs that feel too uncomfortable to let go of for a multitude of reasons. Consciously or unconsciously, they may feel too afraid of accepting ideas or truth which contradict those beliefs. Part of life is accepting we are all on our own journey and no path is better or worse, it just is what it is. When we can honor and accept our loved ones, friends, acquaintances and people in general however they show up. When we are able to do this, we are in harmony with truth and honoring life.

The fact of the matter is it is all perfect, and we can support others even when they disagree with our beliefs and way of viewing the world. Life would be pretty boring if we all thought alike. Diversity is part of the divine design. When we can learn to enjoy all of life, just how it is, we will watch our life flourish in ways we can only imagine. Life becomes joyful when we’re not spending time and energy trying to convince people to see things our way…which in case you haven’t noticed, never works anyway.