“I had the most moving and profound experience with Jenny. I contacted her to resolve lingering questions after my dog Zoe passed six months ago. Jenny gave me answers I needed. But in the process I also received information to current situations that I didn’t even know were related. Jenny gently and professionally offered me nuggets that Zoe had for me. I still miss my girl every day. She is deeply embedded in my heart but now I am also able to feel her role in my daily life.

I cried through a good part of the call but they were tears of reassurance, confirmation that I did understand all along much of my soul relationship with my dog. Jenny has an unmistakably genuine quality that is calming and reassuring. She’s right there with you. I felt like I was talking with a friend which let me be open to receive new insight into unexplored aspects of my life. I am sure I will be calling Jenny again. A truly gifted intuitive, she is an amazing conduit of loving support. I am humbled and grateful to the universe that our paths have crossed.” – Maria

“Jenny is an *Amazing* Animal Communicator!  Her reading for me was spot on with many nuggets of evidence about ME and my dog that she could not have known. There was the physical description of my dog, her personality to a “T” and very importantly, our relationship.  As my dog is 14 and nearing end of life, I had an important question I wanted answered and she gave me great insight into that too.  Jenny did not know that I’ve been a Spirit Medium for 15 years so I have experience in this field and frankly an extremely high standard for evidence and quality. Jenny is the REAL DEAL! She’s great and I’d highly recommend her!”  – Laura

“Jenny’s reading for me was so moving, enlightening and accurate it made me cry. It felt like she was handing me little gifts every time she offered some new information. The language she used was the words that are right at the core of the life lessons and experiences that I am moving through right now and when she shared what my little dog is here to help me with and support me in, I was deeply touched. I can see it and feel it, so hearing my dog talk about it through Jenny was such an incredible and heart-warming experience.

All of the areas that Jenny picked up on are those at the forefront of my mind and heart right now, the key areas of growth and feeling for me – there wasn’t one thing she said that didn’t completely resonate. She is clearly a gifted reader. Couple that with her professional delivery and presentation, and also with her warmth and genuine desire to help which shine strongly through, and the whole experience was enjoyable, interesting and lovingly tender at the same time. Truly an inspiring and incredibly moving experience – I would highly recommend it!” – Sally

“Jenny changed my life. I know it sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true. I met her after I lost my heart dog to cancer. Losing him broke me at my core. I was inconsolable for a long-time – a lot longer than most people would consider it okay to grieve over a dog. Then I met Jenny. She communicated with my boy, relaying things that only my husband or I could know.

This meaningful experience not only provided me with hope after feeling such loss, but took away my anxiety about death in general. I spent the entire reading in tears, but they were different than the ones I had shed before. I cried with relief. Relief that my boy still exists, that he’s still with me, and that one day we will be reunited in a way I can’t even imagine right now.

I’m trying to keep this short, since I know people looking at testimonials don’t want to read a novel, but I could write pages about Jenny’s comforting nature and intuitive abilities, which seem to grow with each conversation I have with her.

My most-recent call with Jenny was much more upbeat, as she connected with an older puppy who has recently come into our lives. Everything she said gave me further clarification on what I need to do as a person, and how our new puppy is helping me to do that.

I feel blessed to have Jenny as a resource in the future, and I can’t even begin to thank her for the solace she provided during one of the most difficult periods of my life this far. I recommend her to all of my friends and family who are open to hearing the messages that Jenny so intuitively conveys.” – Patrice

“My husband and I had a reading with Jenny that was incredibility moving. Jenny has a sense of calmness and a ‘knowing’.  She started with seeing us simply, like just getting to know us and as the reading progressed it became a deeply moving and fluid chronicle of us – past, present, and future. Each piece of information that came through building upon itself to tell a story interwoven with our animal’s soul contracts for us and our own soul contracts, and how we all fit together in our soul family.

She is professional and any information that could have been perceived as ‘bad’ news she presented in a positive way – practical – any situations now or in the future that we may encounter are all lessons for us to experience and embrace as opportunities for growth. She read each of us perfectly my husband and I, our animal partners and all of us as a family. I thank her for sharing her gift with us.” – Debbie

“Jenny is an incredibly gifted intuitive with whom I have had the pleasure of working. I connected with Jenny during a particularly tumultuous time when I had just moved, and as she connected with my energy I immediately felt a calm, supportive space open for us to work together.

Her insights were spot on, and the wisdom she was able to glean from the communication she did with my cat were instrumental in helping me navigate some very unwanted behaviors she was exhibiting as a result of the move. Jenny’s warmth and loving approach is magical—I truly felt like I had been talking to a friend of 20 years who knew me better than I knew myself. All I can say is THANK YOU!! for sharing your love, light and gift with me!” – Elizabeth

“I couldn’t be more pleased with my time with Jenny. Not only was she intuitive to my thoughts, feelings, and who I am as a person, she understood the connection I have to my dog. The things she said to me that day, have resonated with me ever since and have made my bonds with my dog much stronger. Would highly recommend and look forward to my next reading.” – Diane

“Jenny, thanks again for the amazing session, you were able to tap into who I am as a Crystal Healer Energy Worker as well as communications from my beloved cat Rusty. Thank you for your guidance and messages from the Universe, I truly believe the Universe was sending me messages through you as to which direction I need to follow for my business to thrive! I look forward to our continued friendship because I truly believe the Universe unites like-minded individuals.” – Karen

“My call was received promptly at the time that we had discussed. I was so looking forward to hear my sweet boy Milan come to me in spirit. Jen knew nothing of my circumstance and what an intimate circle that I shared with my dog. He was deaf and I trained him in sign language. He died a few months ago of lymphoma and I was and still am devastated, missing him.

Jen’s reading touched on every aspect of Milan, how he was my teacher and my greatest companion and friend. How he protected me. She spoke of the many loving moments we shared. She also told me that she sensed that I was a healer, I am a nurse.

After my reading, or more of a conversation I felt, I was comforted. I felt as If I was speaking to a friend that had known Milan and I for years. Her compassion, understanding, and love emanated from her voice. I finally felt like I had found peace, and that is what I was searching for.

If you are the least bit skeptical, don’t be, this is the most comfort I have felt in months of my grief. I have such solace after my reading. Her intuition is amazing, her love comforting, and she is very gifted at being a medium. I recommend her highly, and am so pleased with what I received. My dog was a very powerful spirit and so is Jen. She is a gem and extremely talented. I look forward to another reading soon.” – Mary

“Jenny is very sensitive, attentive and really communicates well. During the reading, she was able to provide valuable insights about my personal situation and my dog. My reading with Jenny brought me the understanding and relief I needed after my dog’s passing.

Jenny delivered messages from my beloved dog that allowed me to see how everything was interconnected. This helped me to transform the pain and suffering into something positive. I felt so much better afterwards, it is like I have turned the page to a new exciting beginning in my life. I would definitely recommend a reading with Jenny!” – Diletta