I often receive inquiries that focus on a similar set of questions. In an effort to address these areas here are some of the commonly asked questions and answers.

How do I schedule a session with you?

I only schedule appointments for purchased services. Use the “Buy Now” button on the Services page to complete payment using PayPal. I will make contact for scheduling an appointment once payment is received; the email address you use to complete payment with PayPal is how I will contact you.

How will our session take place?

All sessions (except for Distance Reiki) are conducted over the phone. I will call you at our scheduled appointment time using the phone number you provided when booking the session.

What information should I send you ahead of our session?

I prefer to know as little as possible prior to our session. Therefore, you do not need to send any specifics ahead of time.

Do you do readings for locating missing or lost animals?

No, I do not do readings regarding missing or lost animals.

How does a Distance Reiki session work?

When a session is purchased I email you to inquire who the session is for (you or your animal). Then I set aside a 30-minute time frame in which I alone conduct the Reiki session. A distant Reiki healing session can be done a number of ways. I use visualization and a projection of Reiki to send the energy to you or your animal. The session is followed up with an email in which I share any pertinent information that may have been received in the session.

You can contact me by email at:


I will reply within 48hrs.