There is probably no one prescribed path that a person follows to work with animals and people intuitively. Here is my story…

My journey into this work really started with the death of my dog Oliver. It was a time in my life where a perfect storm of circumstances converged to really bring me to my knees and break me open to a whole new way of being. A series of synchronistic events led me to renowned animal communicator, Danielle MacKinnon. Danielle was able to connect with Oliver and convey to me how his behavior, personality and ultimately his passing was reflective of the work he was doing with me at a deeper level.

I was able to reframe my relationship with Oliver in a way that allowed me to view his passing as part of the teaching he was offering to me. I certainly still grieved him, but it shifted into a new way of understanding that he is still around, I can still communicate with him and he is still working with me from the other side. All I can say it that this experience opened my eyes to a whole other world I simply did not know existed.

Fast forward a few years and I continued to work with Danielle and explore animal communication. At some point we started to discuss the intuitive abilities I had and how I could help others in the same way she had so greatly helped me. It was truly the beginning of an exciting, scary, vulnerable journey in which I have become more of myself in every way possible.

I thought that I was going to be learning animal communication, but I have really taken a deep dive into unearthing all that needed to be healed, accepted and loved about myself. Of course, the journey never really ends….that is what this human experience is all about, right? I don’t consider this the end of the story, it is really just the beginning.