Nature’s Healing Medicine

It’s hard to believe the summer season will be soon drawing to a close. I have been taking every opportunity I can to enjoy the glorious sights and sounds of summer. Witnessing the flowers, trees and shrubs in lush shades of green and glorious colorful blossoms is a feast for the senses. But beyond the visual beauty, there is a deeper gift that is often missed in our modern, technologically focused society. The gift nature is offering us is a reminder we are not a witness to, but rather a part of nature itself.

We are interconnected to the plants, trees, insects and animals. In fact, we cannot sustain life on this planet without this symbiotic connection. I think deep down we all know this to be true. The difference is for many decades we have divorced ourselves as a culture from fully recognizing what our “progress” has meant in terms of the devastation to the plant and animal kingdom.

We are at a crossroads as a species. Will we heed the urgent call to change our ways of viewing nature as a commodity to be bought, sold and destroyed? If not, it may mean the end of life as we know it. Nature usually has the last word. Nothing need be done from a standpoint of fear, threats or scary prophecies. Anyone with eyes to see can witness we are out of balance with truth and right relationship to nature and the planet.

How can we start to shift this imbalance? We can begin by looking at our own lives. How can we make better choices that honor the way we interact with nature. By restoring plants and animals back to their rightful place as equal partners, versus subservient to our whims, desires and profit margins – we begin to restore our co-creative union with these benevolent teachers.