Intuition, your GPS for life – Part 1

How do we start living by our intuition? What does this look like and how can we begin to discern our inner knowing (intuition) from the other voices in our head? Learning to understand and live this way is the difference between a life moving against the current, and one in which we are in flow. Essentially, intuition becomes the GPS guiding our life. While life will still present us with challenges, we will navigate them with less resistance and much more ease. Decisions become easier and what to do is accessible to us in real time – meaning we don’t have to gather all the data and analyze everything before taking an action.

The first step in this discernment begins with distinguishing the various voices in our head. We have internalized the voice of so many others in our life and this can interfere with our ability to hear our own inner guidance. These internalized voices typically represent our parents, family members, peers, significant others, society, or religion. As well as the voice of our emotions, such as fear and guilt. So how do we distinguish intuition from these other voices?

Ask yourself if there’s an emotion attached to the voice. When our inner knowing, or our intuition speaks to us it does not scare us or shame us or make us feel wrong or guilty. No matter what is has to tell us, it is always calm and without emotion. Another way to recognize the difference is to notice if we are living based on ideas and beliefs that we inherited but in actuality, these ideas or beliefs do not resonate with us now, or maybe they never have.

This begins to bring into our conscious awareness the idea that we may be living someone else’s life. What I mean by this is often our beliefs or way of deciding how to live are dictated to us by sources outside our own inner knowing. Next month we’ll look at how we can begin to shift from taking our direction in life based on these other voices to using our own inner knowing and intuition as the guide for our life.