Magic in Cost Rica

Eponicity is magical….joy-filled…soul stirring….life affirming…it will change you.

I had the absolute pleasure of spending a week in Costa Rica at the beautiful Leaves and Lizards retreat. I was there to take part in the Eponicity workshop facilitated by Danielle Mackinnon, Debbie Draves Legg and Sally Nilsson. I really had no idea what to expect and so I prepared as best I could by reading the definition of Eponicity on the program website:

Equine Facilitated Learning encourages us to look within ourselves to find balance, regain strength, renew spirit and rediscover our power. Horses teach us to be authentic with ourselves and within our communities. The special horses at Leaves and Lizards will lead you to a place of peace and understanding.”

I got to experience first-hand the true meaning of these words. Although I had no previous experience with horses, it was apparent that none was needed for this level of work. In ways both small and big the horses reflected back to us where we needed to heal, let go, or stand strong. Working with the horses in this intimate and personal way transported me to another way of being and experiencing life. I felt lifted above my normal way of processing life and I was able to experience the joy, peace and love that is present in the NOW of any given moment. The horses are experts at gently guiding you to live in the present moment and to experience your feelings and emotions without judgment.

This process stimulated in me a deep remembering of the truth of who I AM…a truth beyond all labels and limitations. By the end of the week, I could see myself in the way the horses saw me….as a strong capable person who can handle whatever life brings. One of the most important lessons the horses taught me is to be authentic and honest about whatever I am feeling. The horses had a superb way of demonstrating to us all why the approach of denying our feelings doesn’t work. They made it clear in every encounter, that authenticity can really be the gateway to freedom and fearless living! As I return home, I will carry with me the lessons and learning from the horses, the people I met and the magic of Costa Rica.

If you feel moved to have an experience like this for yourself, the Leaves and Lizards website link above will take you to their program page where you can view upcoming workshops.