Independence Day

This is the time of year when we as a nation celebrate our independence. I must admit that most years I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about what that means for me on a personal level. Typically it has been the more surface level activities of cookouts, fireworks and noisy explosions throughout the neighborhood all hours of the night.

However, this year has been different for me. This year, I am in the midst of stepping out into the world in a whole new way. I am finding my own independence! Now I don’t want to give you the wrong impression about this….I am not moving out on my own or leaving my family. The independence that I am talking about is from a way of thinking and being in the world that I am saying goodbye to.

You see, for years I have lived a life where I believed that my safety, security and well-being were directly related to my allegiance to fitting in, not rocking the boat, and being normal….whatever normal even is. I didn’t really follow my passion so much as whatever I thought would be the path to acceptance…which I thought meant happiness. What I have learned through much trial and error in the school of hard knocks, is that true happiness and personal acceptance can only come from living your truth. Even if that truth is not the popular opinion, profession or way of being that is sanctioned by the masses. I discovered that true happiness was found by following the one and only voice that ever really mattered….my own. I had spent so many years ignoring it that at first it seemed hard to hear, but with time I could hear it and I became committed to trusting and following that voice. Regaining my independence has lead me to a life that is uniquely my own and perfect for me. Why try to live someone else’s life – just live the best version of you and happiness is sure to follow.

So take back your independence and go create a life that you would love living.

What would you be doing if you really gave yourself the freedom to be your authentic self?