Intuition, your GPS for life- Part 2

Last month we discussed how to start living by our intuition. We discussed that the initial step in this process involves a discernment of which voice in our head is indeed our intuition versus the voice of external programming or fear-based emotions. This process begins to bring into our conscious awareness the idea that we may be living someone else’s life. What I mean by this is often our beliefs or way of deciding how to live are dictated to us by sources outside our own inner knowing.

When we open the door to exploring this idea, we start claiming and stepping into our own way of being in this world. We might get intuitive gut feelings telling us these beliefs don’t resonate, but it can be scary to listen to this internal knowing because it goes against the beliefs of one or more of these groups and we fear being ostracized or unloved. This is just one of the ways we shut down our intuition. We say, no way- that doesn’t seem safe to listen to, I’ll stick with the safety of the familiar.

The problem is, the familiar might be slowly draining us of our life energy. We have gifts to share that only we can bring to the world. If we are stifling or shutting down those urges our life will start talking to us in an effort to get our attention. Essentially saying – wrong way! Life usually provides this feedback in ways that cause us to move away from the status quo, some sort of disruption from life as usual.

This disruption could be a job loss, illness, death, divorce or really any experience that rocks the foundation of our usual way of processing life. What seems so upsetting and frustrating during these troublesome moments, is really life trying to get our attention. Something is not working in our life and life is trying to get us to go within and listen to our own intuition. A few questions that help with this internal inquiry are the following:

What feelings do you try to bury instead of allowing expression? What are you denying, hiding or running away from (this can be either internal feelings or external situations). What is your heart’s desire? In what ways have you pushed this desire aside, disregarded it or decided your time to pursue it has passed you by. Be gentle with yourself as you explore these important questions. Most of all, remember, if you’re still breathing it’s never too late to claim the life you were meant to live.