Your perfect, glorious self

We come into this world perfect. Unfortunately, the perfection of our true nature gets covered over rather quickly. By the time we are old enough to enter preschool, we already have concepts of being “good” or “bad” and all the self-doubt that comes with it. Babies and animals are the perfect teachers to demonstrate for us what self-acceptance looks like. Babies and animals have no guilt, shame or comparison.

They love and accept their bodies, feelings and emotions. They just put it all out there and totally live in the moment, expressing their glorious authenticity fearlessly. We were like that once too. But somewhere along the line we listened to messages from the world that told us we were “not good enough”. We began to believe this poisonous lie and started down the long, arduous path of self-criticism.

Let’s decide once and for all to stop all that nonsense and get back to loving and accepting ourselves exactly as we are. If there are areas in our life we would like to change, we can accomplish this only through first accepting ourselves totally as we are, right here and now. No successful and lasting change comes from shame, self-hatred or guilt. Love and acceptance are the healing balm and alchemical magic that transforms. Only then can we truly see the beauty that was always there just waiting for us to come home to our perfectly magical divine selves.