The Winds of Change

The winds of change are always blowing and sweeping us into new and different circumstances and experiences. We don’t really have a choice if change crosses our path, that is a certainty of life. Our choice point resides in the realm of interpretation and meaning. We get to decide what it means to us when life goes other than planned. It is our own individual responsibility and therefore up to us alone to make this all-important determination.

We will often get support for interpretations that involve complaining, blaming, feeling victimized and helpless. The important thing to remember is that consensus and agreement with misery creating thinking just means we have more people missing the opportunity to take control of the only thing we can control…how we interpret the things that happen to us and the meaning we give those circumstances.

This isn’t some new age way of avoiding reality or pretending life is always sunny and perfect. Reality on planet earth in a human body involves an ever-changing multitude of things we would love to experience and things we would love to avoid altogether. This is the same existential struggle that has plagued humanity throughout history. It sounds like this: How can I get what I want and avoid what I don’t want? Better yet, we think, how can I stop things from changing when I like them just the way they are.

These struggles aren’t new, they will be challenging to every generation of people who encounter the life trials and tribulations of their particular time and place. The point is, we can decide to make this human experience joy-filled. This isn’t accomplished by getting life to be how we need it to be, or fighting against change and disruption to our preferred status quo.

Our lives begin to naturally feel more calm, peaceful and joyful when we realize we can accept life just as it is, disappointments and happiness alike. What is really the alternative? Why waste this one precious and amazing life you have been given fighting against something that is baked into the system. When I started to see life that way, I decided to make it my mission to keep reminding myself life is not here to make my personal wish list of preferences come true.

This human life I am experiencing right here and now has the ultimate purpose of making me conscious of truth. This perennial truth has the goal of using life to expand my awareness and realization that I am more than this human body. Although I may reside in a flesh and bone body, it cannot contain the endless, eternal nature of my spirit, which is enjoying every experience in this game of life. When I have a good enough day to remember that, I can smile as the winds of change blow my way and know it is all in divine order.