Who am I?

In order to experience the fullness of our true capabilities we must start with right understanding of who we actually are. This understanding of our true reality is based on what is true beyond the things we can see, hear and feel with our physical senses or achieve/accumulate in day-to-day life. Immediately this can sound puzzling, confusing or just plain nuts.

If I am not my body, gender, race or my collection of achievements, personality traits, career or ancestral lineage, then who am I? If I am not any of the typical markers along these lines that we use to describe or differentiate ourselves as individuals, then what is left? By the standards and approach of the three-dimensional world, this question poses a real head scratcher.

This common conundrum explains why traditional societal norms place a great deal of importance on the above-mentioned categories. It is the very stuff of which the “world” uses to define and often categorize each of us as individuals. This is so ingrained in our very way of life that it is not even typically a consciously directed effort, it just is how we are trained to see the world.

However, there is another way of seeing – an alternative way to view, define and see both ourselves and the world around us. As it turns out, this alternative way is actually founded on the true reality of the question, “who am I”. This alternative way isn’t difficult, but it is different.

Its difference lies in putting more emphasis on the unseen. This alternative view is true regardless and independent of religion, spiritual inclination or belief in a higher power. It is true regardless of our “belief” in it – similar to the law of gravity, it just is, belief isn’t required.

Science and quantum physics have now confirmed what mystics and wisdom traditions throughout the ages have been teaching. We need only look at the world around us, in both nature and the Universe to see the implicit order and witness these organizing principles at work.

Everything is interconnected energy. These different energies have been called soul, life force, chi, spirit, God and many other names. The name is irrelevant, the point is that science has proved it exits. Quantum physics proves that the Universe, including us, is made up of energy – not matter. Atoms are not solid, in reality, an atom is 99.9999% empty space.

When we let these true realities sink into our consciousness it deeply changes the way we interact with everything. The very nature of our way of being in the world is changed. We become open to a myriad of possibilities that were not previously available, not because they weren’t possible, but because we couldn’t see them from our old point of view. The wonder and magic of life is always and only just waiting on us to claim the life we want. Our ability to claim it depends on how each of us decides to answer the all-important question, “who am I”.