Facing and embracing the gift of fear

FearI was asked recently how I came to be working as an intuitive animal communicator and what personal quality or trait was strengthened along the way that enabled me to step out and build this kind of business. I thought it was a really great question. It was something that I had not specifically sat down and thought about, but I immediately knew what the answer was. Without a doubt, I would have to say that for me this journey has been about learning to move forward in the face of fear – and learning to cultivate a relationship with fear versus letting it be in the driver’s seat dictating the direction and experiences I take part in.

So often we use the presence of fear as a sign to retreat and return to the status quo. But the growth and expansion we are seeking in our lives can’t happen in our comfort zone. That’s why it’s a comfort zone. It’s familiar, predictable and safe. Going for your passion, pursuing your dreams or starting to live your truth is the great frontier of the unknown. I mention this because I feel it is the baseline and necessary starting point in taking the spiritual journey of becoming the people we were meant to be in this life and to bring forth what we are meant to share with the world. I always laugh that the universe had to pick intuitive work with people and animals as a way for me to bump up against all kinds of paradigms, limiting beliefs and fears. Ironically, all that I just mentioned ties directly into the information that I receive from the animals over and over again. They are really just trying to support us in becoming the best version of ourselves and to live fearlessly!

With all of that in mind, it really boils down to one of two choices. Choice number one is that we can make friends with fear and realize that it is a companion on the path of life. By making this choice we realize that fear is going to show up anytime we push up against the boundaries of our current life. Paradoxically this will actually result in us feeling more freedom, flow and support from the universe because we will know from our past decisions that our personal fulfillment and satisfaction is on the other side of pushing past the fear. Choice number two is that we can let fear talk us out of anything that pushes us outside of our comfort zones. This choice means that our dreams, goals and gifts stay unfulfilled in the land of wishes, hopes, fantasies and fairy tales.

The universe and life itself is hoping you choose option number one. The world needs your gifts, talents and the unique offering that only you can bring. We are all intuitive beings by nature, and once we make friends with fear and stop letting it guide our lives we will begin to hear that small still voice of intuition directing our lives in amazing ways.