Let me explain what you can expect during an intuitive reading. An animal communication reading starts with YOU. I involve the animal’s human in the reading because you and your animal share a deep connection and bringing the human into the reading results in greater depth and better understanding of how your animal is working with you. As I connect with your animal we will discuss the physical level (personality, likes or dislikes, behavior) and the soul level – why this animal is in your life and how they are helping you to learn important lessons. Working through these important life lessons is not often easy. It is quite common for animals to use behavior problems, health issues or just their demeanor as a method of teaching. They can and often do use these methods to motivate their human into taking action that will help them evolve.

During a 20 minute animal communication reading I connect with one animal of your choice (alive or passed) and share some information about their personality and whatever else your animal would like to convey to you. You may have a question about a particular behavior issue, health problem or a relationship issue and this can be addressed during the reading. The number of questions we can address will vary based on the length of session you selected. A 20 minute session usually allows for one question. In a 40 minute session, we will have time to go deeper into the lesson your animal is helping you learn or to speak with 2 animals more briefly.

If you would like to schedule an animal communication session please start by selecting the length of time and then click the PayPal button to complete payment. I will then contact you by email to schedule our session. I look forward to connecting with you and your animal very soon!

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