I love working with people and their animals. The moment that really opened my heart was when I started to see that the animals in our daily lives and the animals all around us are here as our teachers. This change in understanding not only awakened me to a richer and deeper relationship with animals, but also to seeing animals as a true gift from the universe, here to assist us in becoming our very best selves.

During an intuitive reading, we will take a look at the particular ways your animal is instructing, guiding and helping you learn various life lessons. I would love the opportunity to connect with you and your animal to explore this amazing journey you are both taking together.

If you would like to schedule an animal communication session please start with selecting the length of time and then click the PayPal button to complete payment. I will then contact you by email to schedule our session. I look forward to connecting with you and your animal very soon!

30 Minute Animal Communication Session – $80    Buy Now Button

A 30 minute session allows for speaking with one animal (alive or passed) and a question or two.

45 Minute Animal Communication Session – $110    Buy Now Button

A 45 minute session allows for a more in-depth conversation or to speak with two animals more briefly.


What I know for sure is our thoughts have power beyond what we realize. The truth is that the life we want is always trying to make its way to us…it is our beliefs, thoughts and actions that get in the way.

Through intuitive coaching we will explore the hidden beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing the freedom and authenticity of living your dreams. Whether it is your relationships, finances, work or health – we can explore the underlying beliefs that are affecting your success. I will use intuitive guidance along with helpful tools and techniques to assist you in creating the life you are visioning. 

During a session, we will use whatever issue or concern that is currently holding you back as a starting point for this deeper exploration. The goal being to look at what disempowering core beliefs are operating and serving to create blocks and disharmony in your life. We will delve into the workarounds that are helping to keep this belief in place and most importantly, how to use this new awareness to create the changes, growth and expansion that will take your life to the next level.

30 Minute Intuitive Coaching Session – $80    Buy Now Button

45 Minute Intuitive Coaching Session – $110    Buy Now Button


I was first introduced to energy work over a decade ago when I experienced my first Reiki session. Because of the incredible relaxation and inner balance I felt from Reiki, I decided to pursue becoming a Reiki Master so that I could share this work with others.

In my experience, the benefits of Reiki are innumerable and I have witnessed extraordinary results from this amazing energy. Reiki Distance Healing is just as effective as hands-on treatments and helps to revitalize, renew and maintain your energy levels.

Distance Reiki Session

I will send Reiki energy to you or your animal directly and work on whatever issues you would like addressed – these issues can be either physical, emotional or behavioral.

Reiki Distance Healing for human or an animal – $80    Buy Now Button

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